The main reason behind the creation of this method is to target maximum efficiency.

It is the result of several years of teaching and endeavours to simplify the transmission of musical knowledge.

I have always been surprised by the complexity of harmony books, in general with lots of terms and concepts that are obscure and inaccessible to ordinary people , even for a musician like me who has 20 years of experience.

To accompany and improvise correctly, I do not believe that there is need to get bogged down in a panoply of terms and tools.

Just a few clear ideas are all that is needed,as long as they fully taken on board.

There are two sections to this site:

- A common section for all instrumentalists, dealing with basics of harmony and improvisation, with tablatures , midi and gp5 files for guitar and bass players , and scores in the key of G and F for other instruments.

- The second section consists of a small guide for bass players, bringing together some of the styles one has to learn to launch a career.

A fee must be paid for scores, tabs and sound files.I have tried to split the documents into parts, to keep the costs down.

Happy reading !

Yours musically,